February 16, 2007


it's been a really long time (again) since i've written anything, but i have truly missed having a forum in which to share stories, adventures, or other rather random thoughts.

{la petite princesse} didn't seem to be the right place to do so at the moment, and although i may start writing on this again at some point, i have decided to start a new endeavour in a new blog, {c'est bon!}. a lot of the style (if you can call it that) will probably be the same, but as i'm in a different place in my life (no longer a student or abroad), the day-to-day will be a little different. so: i invite you to check it out, if you like. i hope you enjoy it!



November 23, 2005

i'm going home tomorrow for thanksgiving for the first time since i've started work in mid-august... i can't wait to be in traverse city with mom, dad, and danielle!! i hope everyone has a good holiday!


August 27, 2005

wow, i've been m.i.a. for a rather long time-- there's so much to say, but pictures, stories, etc. are very much on the way. in the past few weeks i've moved to chicago "for good" (though traverse city with mom and dad and our family-friends will be home #1), started my new job (first REAL, expectedly permanent job, actually), explored the new city, assembled furniture (including the profound learning of names for tools and screws, etc.!), and had my 22nd birthday (today)! there's so much to tell, but for tonight, i think i'm going to go to sleep after a full day with mom, dad, danielle, the roommates (nicole and allison) and danielle b.! i hope you all are well and happy! :)


July 21, 2005

i couldn't resist thinking about napoleon dynamite when i saw this little creature at a nearby vineyard/farm...

tina come git yur dinner!


July 20, 2005

i finished "harry potter and the half-blood prince" a few days ago, and have been trying to overcome an unfortunate (though, let's face it, predictable) plot twist paralleling gandalf's fight with the balrog in the "lord of the rings" trilogy. except i don't think this one will turn out quite so well. and clearly, i have too much time on my hands at the moment...


July 16, 2005

breaking news: i am now the proud owner of one "harry potter and the half-blood prince" book as of 1:02am!

yes, i went to traverse city's own version of "diagon alley" as our lovely front street sectioned off for a h.p. bash from 11:30 'til now along with hundreds of moderate to fanatic readers (i.e. those who are quite sure that they are, in fact, hogwarts students/professors...yes these folks do walk among us-- i have met them and enjoyed their...enthusiasm). no, i did not dress up as harry or professor snape (though to be honest, i don't look unlike an older green-eyed version of hermione). so no broomsticks, quidditch robes, golden snitches or wands for me. just a healthy interest in literature. (just needed to clear that up). now i'm off to bed, but not before a chapter or two. or maybe the whole book... :)


June 21, 2005

everyone, meet big poppa: the miracle fish (and my sister's pride and joy)!

i love it when you call me big poppa

you see, big poppa's been through a lot. here's the story according to my 19-year-old sister, danielle:

"it all started one fall afternoon when i received big fat poppa in a bowl on my birthday from two of my friends. instantly, we made a connection and big poppa and i grew to love each other dearly. we had our first fight when i tried to clean his bowl for the first time. this is how big poppa became the 'miracle fish.'

"i had not yet purchased a fish net so i simply poured him into a cup. when i poured him back into his clear bowl for the first time, i must have done it at much too strong of a velocity, for he nosedived into the rocks at the bottom of the bowl. a bloody bruise began to grow on big poppa's nose, which i guess (since he's a fish) is where the brain is. after that fateful day, the bruise began to grow, and big poppa started acting strange. he kept going to the surface and taking big breaths of air, when clearly the water was clean. (this has now become a very common ritual for big poppa. and i've found it's just his way of saying 'hello' to me).

my g.fab sister danielle

"after a few days he began to start moving a little slow and then sat at the bottom of the bowl on the rocks. since he wasn't floating like a dead fish should, i assumed he was entering some kind of weird phase. now HONESTLY, have you ever seen a fish lay at the bottom and just lean on the glass? it wasn't 'til after he did this for a two-week period, that i realized he was just in a coma.

"he came out of the coma once in these weeks and went a little spastic, but entered back into his peaceful slumber. i don't know HOW he survived, but with a lot of love, and many visitors, he has proved to be the big poppa we all cherish.

"big popps, as we fondly call him, has truly become a member of the fam, at school and home. our relationship really is something special. pretty much, big popps ROCKS MY FACE OFF!"

danielle also adds that he has since suffered a mild heart attack, a possible stroke, and has undergone several more comatic phases since. when she went to indianapolis for an athletic training conference last week, he developed a fungal infection and swam backwards for four days until he lapsed into another vegetative state. but he has survived: miracle fish indeed.


June 07, 2005

i seriously know nothing about basketball, but this news is awesome!


June 02, 2005

according to current eu president jean-claude juncker (and the prime minister of luxembourg), "europe no longer inspires people to dream."

although he clearly wants to provoke europeans into action, how could europe as a whole (or asia, south america, africa, or anywhere with diversity, culture, and history) not stimulate people to investiate, explore, or imagine? i felt sad reading this. (make sure to read this iht article).

it's a good time to be in michigan. GO PISTONS!


June 01, 2005

zürich, switzerland (my favorite city in the world) has concocted a fabulous tourism project: a teddy bear invasion! zürich was, after all, the first city to enact the cowparade, which benefits charitable organizations and enlivens regular city streets. the teddy project is completely whimsical and swiss-- i wish i could see it! (thanks to negrito for the tip).


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